We strive to celebrate our special days with our loved ones, family and friends. While each day has a different meaning, the most important, of course, are birthdays. Some announce this special day months in advance, while others remain silent, waiting to be surprised. Regardless, remembering and knowing that you are loved means a happy day for everyone.

An Extraordinary Surprise Birthday Organization on the Bosphorus

Birthday Organization on the Bosphorus
Birthday Organization on the Bosphorus

If you want to give your loved one an unforgettable birthday memory, you should plan an extraordinary organization. You will not only surprise, you will deliver the organization of all the details to a professional team. Birthday parties organized on yachts and boats, which have become very popular recently, allow you to experience unforgettable moments with various activities.

What's in the Birthday Party on the Boat?

It is an important factor to determine the number of people attending the birthday party held on the boat. Special plans are made according to the number of people. If you are going to join a group of friends, your lover or a crowded group, special food or cocktail options are offered accordingly. You can dance with DJ music, listen to romantic music and add various activities such as various shows, laser shows, fireworks show to the program.

Details that make the party special on the yacht

Birthday Party on the Boat
Birthday Party on the Yatch

Throughout the celebration, you can cruise the boat if you wish so you can enjoy the unique view of the Bosphorus. The decoration theme is prepared according to the color that the birthday owner likes. The guests are taken to the boat first and emotional moments are experienced by giving surprise to the owner on birthday. If this is a romantic celebration day, we organize different organizations and make you feel very special.

There is only staff on the boat. Foreign guests are not accepted. So you will feel more comfortable. You will make both you and your loved ones happy with an unforgettable celebration organized exclusively for you in the luxury yacht.

Birthday Party on Boat Prices

We have options for every budget for the birthday organizations you want to organize in an affordable boat or a luxury yacht in Bosphorus according to your preference. Call us for birthday celebration prices on the Bosphorus.