Istanbul, a mega city of turkey with a population of 16 million and a deep-rooted history and modern structure that served as the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires! Istanbul, where Napoleon expressed admiration for it with the words "if the world were a country, its capital would be Istanbul"! Istanbul is the city that connects the continents and crowns its beauty with its unique Bosphorus!

One of the most important reasons why Istanbul, which is one of the most important centers of our country and the world in terms of tourism, is so popular, it is undoubtedly its Bosphorus. The best way to get away from the traffic, crowd and noise of the city, to enjoy the historical structure and unique view of the city is to take a Bosphorus tour. You cannot say that I visited Istanbul without participating in the Bosphorus tour. In this article, we will share detailed information for those who want to do an Istanbul Bosphorus Tour.

Bosphorus Tour Types

Bosphorus Tour
Bosphorus Tour

In your Istanbul trip, the 4 different Bosphorus tours that vary according to the duration are as follows:

Hop On Hop Off

It is a free program that you can get off at the stop you want during Bosphorus Tour and visit the historical and touristic areas in the surrounding area. At the stop you get off, you can continue your tour by boarding another boat belonging to the same company.

Short Tour

This tour, which starts from Ortakoy and Eminonu, is made between two bridges and usually takes 1-2 hours. For adults, the ticket costs 12 Turkish Lira. Children under 6 years are free.

Long Tour

The Long Boat Tour, where the one-way tour takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, offers a longer boat tour experience as the name suggests. At Anadolu Kavagi, a break of approximately 3 hours is given. So you can find the opportunity to visit the environment. You can travel by using city lines. One way fee is 15 Turkish Liras, round trip 25 Turkish Liras. If you attend private company organizations, the price varies between 15-20 TL.

Moonlight Tour

The Moonlight Tour, organized only on Saturdays, starts from Bostanci. The duration of the tour is around 4-5 hours. A ticket price of this tour, which also includes a choice of moonlight tour with dinner, is 20 Turkish Liras.

Luxury and cheap organizations for all kinds of events and celebrations

You can take advantage of the dining Bosphorus tour opportunities for business meetings or various celebrations. With the different service options offered by our company, you can make your special days and business meetings different.

You can join our tour in small groups or individually and take advantage of the dining Bosphorus tour opportunities.

Historical and tourist attractions that you can see during the Bosphorus Tour

Historical and tourist attractions that you can see during the Bosphorus Tour
Historical and tourist attractions that you can see during the Bosphorus Tour

The ideal way to get away from the chaos and noise of the city and see the most beautiful historical and touristic places is the Bosphorus Tour. Here are the places you will see in the tour:

  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü(Eski adı ile Boğaziçi Köprüsü)
  • July 15 Martyrs Bridge (Formerly Bosphorus Bridge)
  • Topkapi palace
  • Ciragan Palace
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Yildiz Palace
  • Dolmabahce Palace
  • Hidiv Pavilion
  • Maiden's Tower
  • Big Mecidiye Mosque
  • Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque
  • Rumeli Fortress
  • Many historical mansions, especially Bahai, Sait Halim Pasha, Ferik Ahmet Akif and Esma Sultan
  • Yoros Castle

If you would like to see many of Istanbul's similar historical and natural beauties, you can contact us via phone 05531704555 and get more detailed information and see our services page for other services.