The most enjoyable activity in Istanbul is to make a tour in the Bosphorus, which is the symbol of Istanbul. Our company organizes dining Bosphorus tours. On special days such as engagement dinner, graduation dinner, marriage proposal and birthday celebrations, you can join the dining Bosphorus tour with your friends and loved ones on the yacht.

You can choose one of the various Bosphorus tours offered by our company and enjoy the Bosphorus. You can contact us for all your invitations and celebrations.

Dining Yacht and Boat Tours

Dining Yacht and Boat Tours
Dining Yacht and Boat Tours

Celebrating special occasions with dining yacht and boat tours is one of the most popular activities. It is even more enjoyable to have yacht tours with dinner accompanied by the unique view of the Bosphorus. Our company organizes dining yacht tours so that you can add a different meaning to your special days and celebrations.

You can have a delicious dinner with the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul and enjoy the view. For this, all you have to do is to choose one of the yacht tours offered by our company. So you can have an unforgettable experience and enjoy the dining yacht tour.

Luxury and Cheap Organizations for All Types of Events and Celebrations

For business meetings or anniversary celebrations, you can also take advantage of the dining Bosphorus tour. In order for you to experience all these, you can choose one of the different options offered by our company.

You can join the Dining Bosphorus Tour as a group or alone.

Special Service for you

Bosphorus Dining Boat Tour
Bosphorus Dining Boat Tour

On dining boat tours, only private service options are offered to you. You can choose the food menu you want and choose a boat according to the importance of the day. Our organization varies according to the type of event and is personalized to please you.

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Bosphorus Dining Boat Tour Prices

The dining tour organization is organized according to your preference and budget. You can choose an affordable boat or a luxury yacht. You can call us for the prices of dining boats and yacht tours in the Bosphorus organized from Eminonu, Kadikoy, Uskudar, Besiktas and other districts.