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Find and rent one of our many boat options. We can offer you all kinds of boats.

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You can rely on us to offer the most appropriate service to your needs and requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

At least how many people should we be?

You can get service even if you want.

Can we bring food from the outside?

Yes, except for luxury boats, you can bring your own food and drinks with you. You can also bring the engagement cake in the same way, you can also place an order to our company.

Is there a sound system?

Yes, all our boats and yachts have high quality sound system and are available to customers for free. Customers who want to are free to bring the songs they want to listen to with a CD or USB device. Customers who request live music or DJs will pay extra fees.

Do you decorate?

The tables and chairs of our boats are always dressed. When leased with or without meals, these wraps are already available and you need to pay extra. If special decoration is requested, additional fees must be paid. There is no problem for the customers who want to make the boat decoration themselves, they can decorate the boat as they wish without damaging it.

What should we do for reservation?

You can make a reservation immediately by contacting us through our contact information on our site.

Book a Yacht

As Boğaz Seferi, our biggest aim is to serve you with maximum quality and minimum fee.

We can solve your boat needs for many organizations such as bosphorus tour, business meeting, engagement, wedding, dinner tours, island and swimming tours, birthday, graduation and marriage proposal.

You can contact us by filling out the contact form on the side and you can rent the boat you want.

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